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Join the Baby Club and Capture Your Little One's Precious Moments in Omaha, NE

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

If you're a parent in Omaha, NE looking to capture the special moments of your baby's first year, look no further than the Baby Club. My exclusive membership program offers two options for parents to document their child's growth and development through professional photography.

Option One: Two Photography Sessions (3 or 6 Months and 12 Months)

My first option includes

two photography sessions, one at 3 or 6 months and the other at 12 months. These sessions are designed to capture your baby's milestones and changes during their first year of life. By opting for this package, you'll save $100 in session fees, bringing the cost down to only $400.

During the first session, we'll focus on capturing your baby's emerging personality and developmental milestones, while the second session will document your baby's first birthday and all the new milestones they have achieved. I love that I get to create a visual record of your baby's growth and development in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Option Two: Three Photography Sessions (Newborn, 3 or 6 Months, and 12 Months)

For parents who want to capture every stage of their baby's first year, the second option includes three photography sessions. This package includes a newborn session, a great opportunity to capture those fleeting first moments of your baby's life. By opting for this package, you'll save $250 in session fees, making the cost only $500.

The additional sessions at 3 or 6 months and 12 months provide a more comprehensive record of your baby's growth and development. I'l

l capture their unique personality and emerging skills, including smiling, laughing, and crawling. The final session at 12 months old will document your baby's first birthday and all of their developmental milestones.

Limited Availability - Only Two Members per Month

To ensure the highest quality of service and pe

rsonalized attention, I accept only two members per month. Don't wait to secure your spot in the Baby Club and start capturing your baby's precious moments.

Products Sold Separately - Individual Portraits from $190 and Collections from $990

Our product options include individual portraits and collections, which can be purchased separately. Individual portraits start at $190, while collections start at $990.

Join the Baby Club today and create a stunning visual record of your little one's growth and development during their first year of life. My membership program offers two affordable options, exclusive benefits, and personalized attention from myself! Contact me today to learn more and schedule your first session.

Join the Baby Club Today and Treasure Your Baby's First Year Forever

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