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  • Lilly Kegley

How to Display Your Newborn Photos: Creative Ideas for Your Home

After investing in newborn photography, you may be wondering how to best display these precious memories in your home. There are a variety of options to consider, from classic to creative, that can showcase your little one's first moments.

One classic option is to display your newborn photos on canvases. Canvases offer a timeless and elegant look that can fit seamlessly into any home decor. They also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to choose the right size for your space.

Another option is a keepsake box full of matted prints. This option not only allows you to showcase your photos, but also provides a safe and protected space to store them. The matted prints can be easily swapped out as your little one grows, making it a versatile and long-lasting option.

If you prefer a more flexible option, loose matted prints are a great choice. They can be easily moved from room to room or placed in a variety of frames, giving you the freedom to change up your display as often as you'd like.

A photo album is another classic option that allows you to organize and display your newborn photos in a cohesive and meaningful way. Photo albums can be customized with different cover options and layouts, making them a unique and personal choice.

Finally, consider making a gallery wall with your matted prints. This allows you to create a statement piece in your home that showcases your favorite photos. You can mix and match sizes and frames for a unique and eclectic look. A lot of my clients like to display their babies mugshots in a 2x2 gallery above their little ones crib.

No matter which option you choose, investing in newborn photography and displaying those memories in your home is a beautiful way to cherish those fleeting moments.

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